3 Best Egg Laying Chickens For Your Backyard

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Chickens are used for so many different reasons. Some people choose to raise a flock based on the look of the bird, in order to show them in competitions. Others raise birds as pets. More commonly, people raise chickens for the meat and eggs they can provide for their family. Before you buy a flock of chickens and make plans to chicken coop, you should decide exactly what you are going to raise a flock for. Be clear in your expectations regarding chickens in order to have a successful flock that is happy and healthy. Laying chicken’s breeds are vast and varied. There are different types of breeds, all of which may not be suitable for you. If you are looking for a chicken that will lay a specific color egg, then the breed you choose will be different than if you are looking for a chicken with a mild temperament that will be good with children. In other words, don’t just pick your chicken breed from a list that you find. Be diligent in your research to be sure you’re picking the best laying chicken for your climate, your location, and for your family. All chickens basically have very different personalities, and also some are mild mannered and more friendly than others. These types of birds typically make the best backyard or pastured flocks, because they are mild mannered and won’t disrupt your neighbors and family. Along those lines, it’s important to check your local coding regulations to be sure you can start raising a flock of chickens before you start moving forward with your plans. Here is a list of some of the best laying chickens breeds. Generally, there are very many different types of chickens breeds, thus making it very difficult for one to choose the right and also the best for the yard. When one is trying to pick the best and also the right chickens’ bread that would be the best home pets and also devastating egg producers. Rhode Island Reds Rhode Island Reds are chickens known and also referred through their Namesake State. Basically, their rust-color usually reflects their nature which is with people, ie warm nature. Commonly they are basically known to be good-natured birds which are quiet and also very friendly. These chickens are more popular for backyards for the reason of their abilities to lay the egg and also their hardiness. Additionally, they are usually known for them being impervious to illness and also good layers during winter or cold periods. Also, it can become more aggressive that is with the other chickens generally when they are kept. More importantly, they are mainly capable of laying approximately 6-7 eggs which are per week or either 200+ every in the year. Additionally, at their maturity age, they can even range up to 9 pounds. Leghorns Leghorn chicken breeds are the very popular layers and also are normally used and also concerned as a source of white eggs. Generally, they have a range of dissimilar colors such as red, black, white, brown or either even blue. If one is looking for a prodigious chicken that generally produces meat, Leghorns is not your finest choice. This is because it is among best egg layers. This type of chicken basically tends to avoid any human contact and also can be flighty and nervous. They are hardly gloomy which makes them well-matched for the continuous egg laying. Additionally, having a higher feed-to-egg ratio general gives it something to chuckle about. Also, it’s important to note that these chickens are smaller chickens in size, this is because they commonly weigh between 4-5 pounds. Also, they are very noisy birds in such a way that any close neighbors may not comfortably enjoy. But what one would enjoy, is the average of 280 eggs within a year. Barred Rocks. They are also referred as the cold hardy chickens and additionally are not afraid of laying eggs over the cold or either winter months. Generally, they can differ in color, but basically known by black and white striped feathers. Also, they are known as a dual drive bird, which is for both eggs and also meat. Additionally, concerning the life cycle of the chicken, barred rocks cycle is longer, thus making this kind of bread a quality investment. Also, they are known for being enormously friendly and also docile with humans. Weigh between averages of 7-8 pounds and can lay more than of 170 eggs in every year. The above are some of the best Best Egg Laying Chickens.

by Miriam Rolling – poultry farmer